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The aim of this piece of work is for you to produce a personal study of the National Parks in England and Wales.

This booklet

Contents Page.

1.0 The aims and origins of National Parks in England and Wales. This section should include a map to show their locations in relation to cities and transport links and some examples of landscapes that make them unique.

2.0 The conflicts of interest that arise between the various landowners and users of the National Parks. This section should also include examples of some of the measures taken to try and preserve their `natural` beauty. It should include the pressures put on National Parks and particularly popular locations by the many people who visit them.

3.0 A case study of the Peak District or Yorkshire Dales National Park and the Limestone scenery that attracts visitors to the park. It should include information on the formation of the Limestone features.

4.0 A case study of the Lake District or Snodonia National Park and the glaciated scenery that attracts visitors to the park. It should include information on the formation of the Glaciated features.

Bibliography (List of Resources used)



Many students find it easier to start with their drawn work (ie. a relevant graph) and then write their text initially in rough). The drawn work could either be held in place with a paper clip (ie. a small diagram in the middle of some writing) or mounted on a clear page which will be separate from the text.

All material that you obtained from a book or secondary source should be referenced. If you copy a small section of text or convert a table into a graph you should say where that information came from. You only have to give the authors surname, date published in brackets and page number.

`..........22% of farms in the Lake District are owned by people who do not live there.` Waugh (1989) p102

The full reference should be written out in your list of resources used. This is normally the last page of your project and should be in alphabetical order (by author).

It is important that you keep a rough resource list and add to it when you use a new resource. It is very time consuming to try and put this information together when you have finished the project.

Figure numbers should initially be in pencil (light). You may want to insert more items later on. All figures in chapter one should start with a one, chapter two with a two etc. (ie. 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4).

All figures need to be explained or referred to in your written work. They should either be incorporated into your writing (the bit where you referred to it) or be on the very next page.