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 Year 8 Examination
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What to revise for the Summer Examination
  The difference between weathering and erosion
  4 Main types of Weathering
  4 Main types of Erosion
  How rivers erode the land (V-shaped valleys, river bends, flood plains and waterfalls)
  Coastal erosion
  Pollution of rivers and the sea
  The difference between Primary and Secondary Activities (jobs)
  Advantages and Disadvantages (good and bad) of quarries (Or sand pits)
  Physical and Human factors that effect farming decisions
  Case study of subsistence rice farming in Bangladesh
  Case study of Irrigation farming (Possibly California)
  Comparison of Intensive Arable (Crop) farming in Lincolnshire with Extensive Pastoral farming in Lake District
  Changes to farming over the last 70 years (Especially hedge rows)
  Patterns of farming in UK (Crofting, sheep, cattle, mixed and arable)  
  Locating a factory (Main factors - raw materials, labour supply etc)
  Case study on Iron and Steel making Industry
  Changing location of Industry (Inner City locations vs edge of Town developments)
  Business, science and retail parks
  Industry and pollution
  Organisations that look after the environment and endangered species
  Antarctica as a case study
  Renewable and Non-renewable energy sources (3 fossil fuels?)
  Oil and the environment (Drilling and transporting)
  Power stations and global warming (Green house effect)
  Densely and sparsely populated areas. Reasons (factors) that effect how we are spread
  Rich north vs Poor south (Difference in worlds fastest growing cities 1950 to 2000)
  Population growth (Death and Birth rates = balance in population)
  Migration (Push and pull factors)
  Migration from a poor country (Mexico) to a rich country (USA)
  The geography of the World (Main Cities, Rivers, Mountains and Seas)